Price list of precious and semi precious metals

Spare parts estimates November 2015, (for Yezdi D250 and Classic II)¬†Download Excel Version Part Name Price Dealer Exhaust pipes (locally manufactured) (2) 2900 Balaji Auto Stores Bend pipes (locally manufactured) (2) 1100 Balaji Auto Stores Rubbers, clips, gaskets and nuts (for exhaust assembly) 550 Balaji Auto Stores Seat with base plate 1150 Balaji Auto Stores... Continue Reading →

The pursuit of vintage spares

After 5 years of not being in one place and several months of procrastination, I found my self in an appropriate situation to begin the restoration of RocketQueen. Acquiring all required parts is the first and major phase in any restoration project, and can turn out to be a long and painful one depending on... Continue Reading →

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