The pursuit of vintage spares

After 5 years of not being in one place and several months of procrastination, I found my self in an appropriate situation to begin the restoration of RocketQueen. Acquiring all required parts is the first and major phase in any restoration project, and can turn out to be a long and painful one depending on the current state of the motorcycle and mental health of the owner. My mechanic, Ajaz, who also worked on my father’s 1969 Jawa, when he was in college in the late seventies, made a detailed evaluation of RocketQueen and gave me a long list of parts I had to buy. I also added some body parts to the list as I wanted to replace my Classic-II head light with a Type-B dome and headlight assembly, and the existing locally made mudguard with an original Classic mudguard – a desire that flovoured the process with frustration and pain by creating a previously unknown chain of requirements for more hard to find parts. But that’s part of the job description for the being-in-love position, isn’t it? I started off on the 11th of September, drove all the way Bangalore to get my first batch of parts. Two months have passed since and the first phase is yet to be completed. The last of the parts should, hopefully, arrive by the 15th of November.

One thing I realised during the process is that it is next to impossible to get original spares. Ajaz keeps insisting that I get only originals because he absolutely detests the quality of the replicas or locally made spares. I don’t think he realises that most manufactures who supplied Ideal Jawa do not make them anymore. One way to get original parts is to buy salvaged parts and refurbish them if you can find a good mechanic or machinist.

Body parts are the most difficult to get. There were times when I located one and it was sold by the time I reached the spot. One time the negotiation went wrong and the seller got so furious that he refused to deal with me. Most people who sell the salvaged body parts are unscrupulous touts who don’t know a thing about the motorcycle and charge exorbitant prices. It always pays to be patient and locate the right part from genuine sellers. I always felt comfortable and happy when dealing with genuine sellers or Yezdi owners. I found these people to better understand what I was looking for and the true value of it.

To make it easier for fellow Y and J riders/enthusiasts, I have listed names and contact details of spare parts dealers I dealt with and some who I found on the internet. I have also added some information about what one can find where and the nature of the seller. But before that……

…….THANKS to Ajaz for making me run around and do all the procuring. THANKS to Prithvi for setting me up with a local in Bangalore who helped me get 75% of the items from Balaji Auto Stores. THANKS to Pritish for sneaking his colleague out during busy hours and buying the front mudguard from Kammanhalli. THANKS to Nimitha and Nilesh for picking up the headlight assembly from Valico, Pune on a Sunday evening and bringing it safely to Chennai. THANKS to Chherawalla Ji of Valico for staying open on a Sunday to make sure I got what I wanted. THANKS to my favourite aunt Srivalli for agreeing to pick up and courier the original front handle bar and bulb holder from Secunderabad.

Name of the Seller and Contact Details Additional Information
Balaji Auto Stores
G R Srinivas
No. 41 and 42 Jeweler’s Street (near Commercial Street)
Shivajinagar, Bangalore 560001
Shop: 080 41239902 and 25592009
Residence: 080 25301035
Sells mostly locally manufactured and some Original Equipment (OE) parts for Yezdi and Jawa, including exhaust pipes, seat assembly carburetor covers, etc. Fairly priced. Some parts are slightly expensive. Call owner’s son – Suhas 9844045505, if you are located outside Bangalore and need the parts delivered to your city.
Valico Enterprises
Mr. M R Chherawalla (
660 Taboot Street, Camp, Pune 400001
Phone: 020 26130790
The owner was a dealer for Ideal Jawa. He still has some of the original parts (Engine parts, moving parts, and body parts) that he had stocked before the company closed down (No. He did not foresee the closure). He is a very nice person and will give valuable advice on how to take care of your motorcycle. He even agreed to keep the shop open on a Sunday for 1 hour so my friend could pick up a headlight assembly before leaving for Chennai the next morning. Will courier to places outside Pune for an extra cost.
Sheriff Auto Agency
M. Mohamed Sheriff
No.6 Seeyali Mudali Street, 2nd Street
Pudupet, Chennai 600 002
Cell: 9003111621
Phone: 044 2859 2755
Sells mostly locally manufactured and some OE parts for Yezdi and Jawa. You may not find the hard-to-get parts. Parts are very expensive, some are 1.5x – 2x market price. No out of city deliveries
R.M.Auto Spares
M. Jabbar
Shop No.223- No.94/223
Peters Road, Balaji Nagar, Royapettah
Chennai 600014
Phone:044 2848 0927
Cell: 9444326612; 9840677195
Sells mostly locally manufactured and some OE parts for Yezdi and Jawa.
RS Auto Parts
Harris Road, Adithanar Rd, Pudupet, Komaleeswaranpet, Egmore,
Chennai 600002
(right next to Jaf Auto Garage – for Royal Enfield and close to the Metropolitan Magistrate Court).
Cell: 893938698
Sells mostly locally manufactured parts. I would suggest not buying any spare parts from this seller unless you know the spare part you are looking for is impossible to get anywhere else (it’s highly unlikely he’s got rare parts). He may have some body parts like fuel tanks and mudguards; inspect thoroughly and bargain for 50% of the asking price.
Bilal Trading Co.
Mr. Sayed
Near St. John’s Church
East Maredpally Main Road
Cell: 8143978687
Sells good quality salvaged and refurbished, and OE parts for Yezdi, Jawa, and other vintage motorcycles and cars. Will courier to other cities for an extra charge.
 IMG_9402-resized  IMG_9407-resized

One thing I learned from this process is that when I want or need some thing dearly, I may face obstacles along the way. I have to be persistent and pursue with sincerity all the options I have, to get what I want. When I have exhausted all options and I still don’t have what I want, just have to be patient and wait for some time for that thing to show up. If nothing works, I just have to go for an alternative plan B, because plan A was never meant to be or happen.

Other people/dealers I found on the internet
Gee Bee Auto Spares
G B Venkatesh
No.21 Lakshmana Mudaliar Street, Commercial Street 2nd cross, Bangalore
Phone: 080 4113 2916
Sells on OLX, Tirupur, Coimbatore, and Chrompet
Cell: 8190892639; 9488112639
I do not trust this person. He keeps changing his location on OLX and claims to have way too many salvaged parts. He tried to sell a damaged front dome to me for a bomb. Don’t buy from this guy unless you meet him in person.
Alfa Auto Spares
Shop No. 255, 5th Cross Street, Gandipuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641012
Cell:99440 58943
Nakoda Spares
Good Shed Cross Road, Nampally, Hyderabad
Vicky Automobiles
Mr. Anuj Jain / Mr.Sheshank Jain (
1315/31, Naiwala, Karol Bagh,New Delhi – 110 005
Cell: 9810139171; 9810639171
Swastik Automobiles
Mr. Rajesh Jain (
17, Chamaraja Double Road, Mysore – 570 024
Phone:08212525868 Cell: 9886872174;9845861800

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