Once I Was – Part 1

Every time I am on the road, I take sneak peaks into front yards or open garages of houses I pass, with the hope of finding stunners from the past. As a result of this diverted attention I have been a target for expletive bombs from irked motorists. However, this has also helped identify some relics that most people might miss or not appreciate.

Morris 10 aka Hindustan 10

First on the list is this rusting Hindustan 10.  The 10s were originally manufactured by Morris in the UK, assembled and sold in India as Hindustan 10 in the late 40s. The 10 in the name is indicative of the vehicle’s horse power – 10 hp. Took me a week to identify the model because of the vehicle’s condition. This 10 had a Toyota engine and a custom power steering unit on it.  A bubbly local kid told me that the 10 was donned in catchy blue and attracted a lot of attention.  Sadly, it was disfigured when it was carried away by flood waters into the nearby Buckingham Canal during the December 2015 floods. The owner recovered it from the canal but never restored it. Rusting peacefully ever since.

Fiat Millecento - 1100 Premier Padmini

Second is a Premier Padmini (Fiat 1100) that looks especially beautiful at night under the street lights. The car belongs to a doctor who was also an actor. He’s the son of a renowned actor mom and a film maker dad. Only artists can appreciate and preserve art, right?

The third is a sad couple literally being subjected to slow death by their overly sentimental and possessive owner. In the foreground is a Fiat 103D a predecessor to the Premier Padmini. In the background is a Jonga (Nissan Patrol 60) that was designed by Nissan and built by Vehicle Factory Jabalpur for the Indian armed forces. Most of the Jongas we see today are the ones that were auctioned off by the army.

More coming soon.



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