Old City Charms


Drenched in the golden glow of the morning sunlight,
The old city street is full of vibrance and delight.
People, they make this organism alive.
There are residents who welcome with warm and gentle smiles.
Brisk delivery vendors of indifferent types.
And inquisitive passers-by who accumulate quick bytes.

Woman, they ferry water with an energy and agility,
That would show crossfit stars the shores of humility.
Intricate kolams on their thresholds they draw, with a certain grace,
That would send Euclid on a mathematical maze.

Fragrances, they tizzy your nostrils.
One trail leads to wholesome meals, so your desire you can gratify.
And another to bright coloured flowers and luxuriant wares, so your Gods you can pacify.
Yet another leads to piles of trash that reconciles to a future you must strictly modify.

Cows, they wander freely, unperturbed and undisturbed.
Serving as a reminder that there is peace in frenzy,
And liberation in bovine simplicity.





All photographs shot on 35mm film. Developed and scanned by Prabhu Photos, Bangalore and Thasin Jeelani, Chennai.

Locations: Mylapore, Mambalam, Triplicane, Royapettah, and Perambur







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