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Here is a general description of the condition of the camera. Click on the images for more specific details.

This Agfa Clack is a point to shoot, fully mechanically operated 120mm film camera. The shutter is pre-set and fixed at 1/30th of a second. There is also a bulb option. There is three aperture settings f/8 (1 – 3m focus), f/11 (3m – infinity focus), and f/12.5 (3m – infinity focus). The camera captures 6 x 9cm images on the film, so you’ll get 8 shots on a regular 120mm film. There are signs of wear and tear, and weathered paint on the camera body and leatherette. This camera comes with the original leather case. Locking the body after loading the film is a little tricky but is not bad. This camera is fully functional.

This is a used camera whose exact year of manufacture is not known. Different sources on the internet state that the Clacks were produced between 1954 and 1965. The Clack on sale has not undergone any kind of restoration. Though fully functional, the camera cannot be considered to be in a mint or near-mint condition. Expect to find scratches, weathered paint, and oxidation on the camera.

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