Curator of Relics

The scale model you see in the picture is of a wartime Willy's MB Jeep. The actual scale model didn't come that way. The camouflage paint, jerry cans, guns, and figures were all painstakingly made by hand and then assembled on the model. This set-up, including the truck in the background is a representation of... Continue Reading →

Matchless Makto

Matchless G3 and G3L were first designed and manufactured for use by the British Army during the second world war. These motorcycles continued to be produced after the war for both civilian and military use up until the 60s. The Matchless in the picture is a 1950 G3L that belongs to Kalyan Kishen Singh. The... Continue Reading →

Old but full of soul

I have often heard motorcyclists say things like this about classic motorcycles - "..this bike has a lot of soul."   or "..there is this special bond between me and the motorcycle when we are on the road." As an owner of both a classic (1983) and a modern (2014) motorcycle, I too feel the same way about the... Continue Reading →

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