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Yashica Electro 35 GSN Range finder film camera mounted with 45mm f/1.7 Yashinon lens. Estimated year of manufacture is 1973 – 1977, this is considering that the model is a GSN version with ASA range of 25-1000. Without any batteries the camera can shoot at the selected aperture and (only) 1/500th shutter speed. The metering circuit that runs along the upper length of the camera is not working, so the camera cannot function at other shutter speeds (30 seconds to 1/250th of a second). The viewfinder is foggy and dirty around the edges on the inside. There are very mild signs of wear on the camera body. The camera comes with the original leather case and lens cap. The camera is not fully functional in its current state. Fixing the metering circuit may make the camera fully operational



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