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Here is a general description of the condition of the camera. Click on the images for more specific details.

This 35mm film SLR camera is in a mostly-working condition. This is a body only camera that does not come with a lens. There is no camera case or body cap either.  The camera was used like a work horse and this clearly shows on the body (see images below). There is quite a few scratches on the under and upper body, and eroded paint on almost all prominent edges. The structural and mechanical integrity of the camera is intact.

The Photomic head serves as an eye level view finder and metering unit. The metering unit was in working condition but hasn’t been tested lately. The shutter adjustment dial on the Photomic head that latches with the shutter adjustment dial on the camera body is missing the ASA/ISO markings. For the metering to work you need two 1.3v PX13/PX625 or two 1.5v LR44 button cells with a metal sleeve. With the ASA markings missing, it’ll take some figuring out to determine the correct ASA on the dial and get a useful reading from the meter. The camera can function independently of the Photomic head, in other words, the camera may be used without the head as well.

Besides the ASA reading limitation in the metering unit/Photomic head, all other functions of the camera are in working order. All shutter speeds, bulb, mirror lock up, depth of field preview, self timer are working.

Based on the serial number on the camera body and information available on, the year of manufacture is estimated to be 1968.





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