Matchless Makto

Matchless G3 and G3L were first designed and manufactured for use by the British Army during the second world war. These motorcycles continued to be produced after the war for both civilian and military use up until the 60s. The Matchless in the picture is a 1950 G3L that belongs to Kalyan Kishen Singh. The... Continue Reading →

Fiat’s X-Men

There were three exposures left on my last 120mm film roll that I took with me on a trip to Kashmir. So I headed out to the beach early one Sunday hoping to capture something interesting  before sending the roll to the lab. In the first forty five minutes all my dull mind could frame... Continue Reading →


Chennai's Regional Railway Museum hosts a good collection of locomotives and coaches from 1875 to the late 80s as part of its outdoor exhibits. I found this to be more interesting and experiential compared to the the two indoor galleries. One gets full access to interiors and controls of most locomotives and coaches. And there... Continue Reading →

Price list of precious and semi precious metals

Spare parts estimates November 2015, (for Yezdi D250 and Classic II) Download Excel Version Part Name Price Dealer Exhaust pipes (locally manufactured) (2) 2900 Balaji Auto Stores Bend pipes (locally manufactured) (2) 1100 Balaji Auto Stores Rubbers, clips, gaskets and nuts (for exhaust assembly) 550 Balaji Auto Stores Seat with base plate 1150 Balaji Auto Stores... Continue Reading →

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