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Currently unavailable. Taken off the shelf for restoration.

Here is a general description of the condition of the camera. Click on the images for more specific details.

This is a 1967 Yashica D Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Medium Format (120mm) film camera mounted with a 80mm f/3.5 Yashikor lens. Year of manufacture was estimated based on serial numbers on the camera’s body and information available at Operation of the camera is purely mechanical and does not require any batteries. All shutter speeds work. The aperture selection wheel is jammed and the aperture is stuck at f22 as a result. The bulb setting works but is reluctant at times. There are signs of mild wear and tear on the camera body and leatherette. The camera is not fully operational in its current state. Fixing the jammed aperture may bring the camera back to an operational state.




Both the viewing and taking lenses are clean. The wheels/knobs that control the shutter and aperture have some scratches on them. The leatherette on the front face of the camera, where the lenses are mounted sticks out a little along the edges at a few places. A small area of the leatherette behind the shutter cocking  lever is beginning to peal. The viewfinder screen is mostly clean and clear with the exception of a few black lines. These lines do not obstruct the image. There is oxidation spots on the metal body that contains the viewfinder. This camera has a lens cap and a non-leather neck strap. There is no leather case.

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